About Us

Welcome to US Dental Group. We provide quality and affordable dental services in a friendly and hygienic environment. Our dentist offers a variety of dental treatment including teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, wisdom tooth removal and denture. We offers a friendly and warm atmosphere where you and your family can relax while awaiting consultation. We believe in prevention and education so that you can have the best oral healthcare.

Meet Our Team:

  • Dr. David Lee, DDS
  • Dr. John Carahalis, DMD
  • Dr. Keon Lee, DMD
  • Dr. Quyen Pham, DDS
  • Dr. Peter Phan, DMD
  • Dr. Casey Chow, DMD

About Our Office

Our offices are located in six different locations across Las Vegas metro area.

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In-House Laboratory

One of the things that makes our practice different from others is the fact that we handle much of our dental lab work in-house! This is in stark contrast to other practitioners who outsource the large majority of their dental lab services. This enables our practices to control the quality of the lab work provided to our patients and offer dentures and crowns at an affordable price. Also, being able to communicate throughout the entire process of fabrication and fitting is critical when striving for the best clinical results possible. Our on-site laboratory gives us an edge to achieve the results you will come to expect as well as affordable price!